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lovely gift, youll need 2 colors of yarn (Lion Brand Vannas Choice shown a sharp pair of small scissors, a green chenille stem (what we called pipe cleaners growing up and a Clover Pom Pom Maker! This will enclose the chenille stem inside the pom pom.

First impressions: Well this definitely isnt two donuts of cardboard cut out of the side of a cereal packet now is it; it looks fancy and technical. The instructions say to insert the center pin in firmly, well I dont know about yours but mine came with the two sides already attached. Clover Pom Pom Tool you will need.

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Put both sides into create a circle. For this large wreath, I used about 35 large pom poms (I probably could have used more). Purchased bows and ribbons are fine, but why not add a more personal, crafty touch to your next gift? I had, before starting this review, investigated this tool online. Well of course they can Humbug you muppet otherwise youll only ever make one pom pom that lives forever inside the maker. Thread the needle with a long piece of thread and knot the end. Alright, its Humbug from, handmade by Humbug here.