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a good customer relationship. This was an expensive adventure for me, but both customers were grateful for getting a straight story about something that was impacting their business, and this kind of candid admission contributes much more to The Warm Fuzzy Feeling than you'd expect from "I made. Like your windows positioned just so? . There are circumstances when telling the customer 'no' is giving them good service even if you don't get paid for. If you're using Quicken, getting into good habits of category and class will go a long way to taking care of this: having detailed reports of your properly-organized expenses mean that you don't need receipts for your tax guy, and he can file your return. It's virtually impossible for a consultant to forget the technical nature of the relationship you solve problems all day long but it's very easy to forget the customer service aspect.

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fuzzy discount code

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Background work makes your time more liquid, and kay coupons 100 off consultants (like me) who prefer to mainly work at home love having a backlog of things I can work on in my slack time. For one reason or another, the relationship can sour or a customer may start taking advantage of you, at which point you can consider just walking away. He was young, but he had good training, good experience, and had simply been smothered by the other consultant and not allowed to grow in his position. I've found it much easier to use Quicken's "class" mechanism to make this work perfectly. Consulting maxim: "Education" is one of the best investments a consultant can make The term "education" is used broadly here: formal training, heat-of-battle experience, previous consulting projects, and even personal projects at home that interest you. Surprisingly, this happens a lot: if you have conducted yourself well, your customer would rather find a way to use you a known quantity than find somebody else. The disadvantage of TimeSlips is that it's "a different program" from Quicken, and it means double entry of invoices and payments. Instead, you're providing the customer with a service by properly prioritizing the tasks in front of you, and in some cases you are more qualified to do this than the customer is: "Does that server need to be replaced right away, or can we get. "I'm still the registered contact for your DNS management, I recommend that you transfer this your own staff. If you don't have a mechanism for dealing with invoices, your checkbook, and your taxes, you'll surely go out of your mind.

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