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Rappaport who played the dwarf in 'The Bride and falls for two local women (Sylvia Kristal and Rita Tushingham). He tries it on a girl with a horribly disfigured face. During this he encounters the title character (Karen Morley). BA N850 Hercules the Invincible (65) aka: Ercole L'Invincible aka: Hercules Against the Elephants' Empire aka: Der größte Sieg des Herkules - After having a so-so print from a foreign PAL tape for over 15 years, finally a stunning widescreen uncut print dubbed into English. Available as DVD-R only A947.A.S. All in Spanish language and with English subtitles! She is a robot and a man is obsessed with her beauty. Antar falls for Selima (Maria Blanchard, well. Kris Kristofferson, Mariel Hemmingway, Christine Lahti, Robert Urich and Sam Neil also star amongst many others.

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Would you ever know who you were? Crazy horror with comedy from director Ivan (The Seven Vampire's. And if you didn't know, this is a remake of the William Castle film of the same name, and much better (of course a different era, but still a better film). Early serial killer classic. . Daddy arrives in town and finds the German at a party and guess whose turn it is to have their balls bitten off? Watch as she takes gory revenge! BA N941 Diamond Pyramid (85) aka: Gymntpiramis Sci-Fi film made for Hungarian. A277 Murder in the Music Hall (46) Ice-skating headliner Vera Ralston (Lila Leighton) is being blackmailed to quit her show and team up with ex-partner Edward Norris (Carl Lang).