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the way to a festival or just looking for a place to run around, Kidstreet does not disappoint. But the crowning perk was something I never expected: hearing the other persons voice was fun! Current Deals * featured NJ area deals. A very popular one I had visited had closed recently in South Orange. . We installed a Kompan Spinner Bowl a modern 2-5 yrs age group climbling/sliding play structure we custom-made for Kidstreet. Youll also get 15 off any order at the online Starbucks Store, green, once you earn 5 stars, youll enter the Green Level. Ive heard very positive reviews for the library in Chatham as well.

Once you finish that, all you have to do is make a purchase with your registered Starbucks card, or app and youll automatically get a star for every purchase. Of Recreation) We had a great time there recently, some new structures too, I will update the post soon. It usually has alot of activity. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Do your kids need somewhere to run around and burn off some steam? Being 12 hours apart made it challenging to Skype, and I quickly discovered that email was not a great vehicle for communicating subtleties. Rumor has it that Riverside Square Mall does not have it anymore. Kidstreet is located near the intersection of Commons Way and Hanlon., Bridgewater,. . Welcome, the entry level when you first register your card. Plenty of wooden structures, sandbox, swings, ziplines, and a big group swing. . Thanks for checking us out. Attach it in an email.