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: the Lockheed F-117 fighter, or nighthawk, being a stealth aircraft developed from the darpa "Have Blue" project; see bird. Beer : see brew, BA muoi BA, beerlao; compare hooch, GI JOE, juice. See frocked, acting jack, gadget, pull rank, deep DIP, UP OR OUT. Bulldog : the usmc mascot; as derived from the Imperial German attribution of "hell hounds" or "devil dogs" teufelhunden for the Marines' prowess (ie: ferocity, courage, tenacity) in combat during the battle of Belleau Wood (1918) in WWI. The bedbug is also called chinch, crumb, or vantz (Yiddish). Benny : in NavSpeak, a treat or favor, gift or present, bonus or reward; also known as "goody" or "goodie this term is a diminutive of 'benefit'. See BCT, AIT, MOS; compare BOC, OBC, TBS. Nb: rifled guns are denoted "inch" (eg: 3" Field Gun called "three incher which is the diameter of the projectile, while smoothbore cannons are denoted "pound" (eg: 12# Mountain howitzer called "twelve pounder which is the weight of the projectile cf: bombard as the earliest.

Brass binnacle coupon code
brass binnacle coupon code

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Back-OF-beyond : see bumfuck, garden spot, magical mystery tour, boondocks. Blimp : slang for any small nonrigid airship, dirigible, or balloon, as used for observation, training (eg: parachute, pilot or transport; also called "sausage" or GAS BAG; see nacelle, RIP-cord, skyhook; compare monoplane, biplane, triplane, flying wing. Nb: documents from AD 1412 in Chinese archives discuss the techniques and tactics for launching rocket assisted arrows (called "eruptors fire-arrows, and rocket launched pellet bombs at ranges from 100yds to 1000yds, being fired as a soldier's individual weapon or from a wheelbarrow. Battle lantern : a battery-operated emergency light, usually mounted in a fixed position on an interior bulkhead, passageway, or ladderwell to afford tactical (red or amber) illumination in vessels and buildings during power outages; also called "battle lamp". Blood platelet : any number of minute protoplasmic bodies in mammalian blood that aid in coagulation; a small plate-like colloidal body.